Our training program is a six-month journey of personal development for all its participants.
We divided into 5 teams and focus on several social or environmental topics at a time.

The training process is based on entrepreneurship tools and the entrepreneurship construction model in accordance with the following stages:

The process is based on the ”learning by doing” principle, during which the participants develop lean business models with a high potential for success.

The practical experience makes it possible to strengthen the participants’ professional, cognitive, and emotional skills. Their engagement in social issues promotes the growth of community involvement and expands their circles of influence.

The process is optimally adapted to the goals, resources, and needs of the organizations with which we work. Guided by a professional team, following an orderly methodology for acquiring knowledge, tools, and practical experience, including a variety of expert professionals, a dedicated online knowledge platform, and a continuous personal response. All create a framework that maximizes the chances of change and success.

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Our models are based on working with professional partners, research, technology and design teams and offers an financial and innovative approach to dealing with immediate social challenges.
Our models currently implemented in NGO’s, cities and business entities, some are led by us and some are available for implementation by stakeholders in the social, business and public arenas.

Our bank of models developed accourding The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UNDP’s role.


communities empowerment
Well Being
Enviroment & Climate
Gender Equality
Animal Life


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