Ofer Flynn

Co-Founder & Partner

Ofer is the co-founder of Great Minds, and a senior global lecturer in the field of result-driven social innovation and social business development.
Ofer’s tailored lectures and workshops are based on his extensive professional journey, and give clients valuable experience across the social-business entrepreneurship world.

Shlomit Almog

Entrepreneurial Processes Manager

Shlomit Almog has been working in the field of youth employment in Israel, with an emphasis on bridging the worlds of academia and employment.
After being immersed in the world of Israeli media, she has shifted to the social arena and has since combined entrepreneurial action with social action.
Shlomit currently manages entrepreneurship programs at GreatMindz and oversees the development processes of social business ventures, with the goal of developing self-sustainable social organizations and growth engines based on social action for business organizations.

Alon Zeevi

Environmental Innovation Expert

Alon Zeevi is an experienced civil servant in local government and is currently the assistant director in the environmental department at the Rishon Lezion municipality. He has developed and supervised a variety of unique projects in the areas of smart waste management and environmental issues, leading to significant economic savings for the municipality, and an improved level of cleanliness and service for the city’s residences.
His experience includes full responsibility for the construction, characterization, and implementation of innovative information management systems in the fields of environmentalism and waste management, alongside the construction and management of tenders fueled by a professional vision of continuous learning.

Omer Krauss

New Media Manager

Omer Krauss is a digital marketer and the owner of an online agency that helps businesses grow and develop new revenue streams. Omer specializes mainly in branding and campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and more.

For more than a decade, Omer has been using tools from the field of branding, storytelling and PPC to help businesses meet and exceed their financial goals. In recent years, Omer has been collaborating with several public institutions and NGOs, helping them attract more customers in their new journey of social innovation.


Ronny Faivelovitz


Ronny is the co-founder of Great Minds,
a venture builder that invests in entrepreneurs aged 45+ who have a rich background in leading companies and who channel their knowledge and experience to develop companies that deal with urgent market needs.

Michal Engelberg

Michal has worked with corporations, nonprofits, foundations, and investors since 2006, helping them build capacity, sustainability, and growth to support their desired impact.
Prior to this, Michal was CEO of the Marom Group, where she worked with international foundations and NGOs designing long-term strategies and guiding them through implementation. Prior to this, she headed Corporate Social Responsibility at Citi and worked at the HSBC Bank.

Irad Eichler

Serial social entrepreneur for 16 years, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the World Economic Forum, the Social Leadership Award from Bar Ilan University, the UN Award and Zero Project on Innovative Models for Integrating People in Society, Fellow of the Schwab Foundation, Founder and Chairman of “Shekulo Tov”, an organization for the social integration of people with disabilities, founder of “Circles” a digital space for support groups, among his previous projects: “Hebrale”, a festival for the elderly, the School of Social Business.

Yael Kreisler

Yael Kreisler has a track record of 16 years in successfully leading Independent business units and brand categories; developing, launching and executing marketing and brand strategies.
Yael brings to the table considerable Global experience in a number of markets (Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Sun Protection, Drip & irrigation, services) and will bring to any roll experience, enthusiasm, professionalism and business sense.

Dr. Zafrir Bloch-David

Zafrir is an expert in socio-economic development using Sharing Economy and Complementary Currencies as development tools. He engages in research, teaching, consulting and implementation of platforms in businesses, public organizations and governments.
Zafrir works with organizations and companies including the JDC, Ministry of Defense, Vegan Nation and Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. He has a Ph.D from the Tel Aviv University School of Business and serves as a faculty member at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College.


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