Operate Like A Profitable Business, Influence Like A Leading NGO.

With the recent developments in the arena of entrepreneurial social innovation, many NGOs are looking to grow while enhancing their social impact. In order for NGOs to create social change while developing economic independence, they need to properly embrace elements of the business-oriented mindset.

GreatMindz’s unique Purpose Development Process assimilates social innovation into your organization while developing a tangible social revenue-generating business idea.

The training process merges the social and business entrepreneurship worlds to transform your NGO to work more efficiently, create a bigger social impact and reach larger audiences by building a sustainable, scalable and profitable social-oriented initiative.


Develop innovative work strategy models for building sustainable projects that will benefit the social change they are seeking.
Upgrade the nature of their activities, expanding their social impact and ability to grow.
Adopt professional tools for identifying opportunities, developing ideas and analyzing their economic and social feasibility.
Expand their stakeholders and strategic partners.
Diversify their sources of funding.

Best suited for:
Social or environmental organizations or associations, that are interested in taking a significant step in diversifying their sources of income, adapting to the new global reality of the third sector, with the help of social business innovation as part of their activities.

How it works:
The Purpose Development Process maps out the entrepreneurial path for your organization and equips it with practical tools to transition from inspiration to fruition. Participants experience, study, and specialize in the field of social entrepreneurship and become your NGO’s agents of change.

The content of the program is adapted to the unique needs of your organization and is always the most current knowledge in the field. This includes meeting relevant leading professionals in your field, to help choose a venture that will allow them to advance their social goals in a stable and income-generating manner. 

Much emphasis will be placed on the implementation and assimilation of the project in the organization and its launch, in order to overcome challenges and succeed beyond the unique limitations that might exist in your organization.

Main methods, tools, and topics include:

  • Social economy and developing multiple profit line models (Socio-Economic Economy)
  • Identifying opportunities and developing ideas for ventures using tools from the fields of innovation: SIT, KASP,  and Design thinking
  • Measuring social impact and performance based on the Logical Impact Model 
  • Planning and feasibility testing of entrepreneurship based on the Social Mission Canvas
  • Market analysis, exploration of alternatives, and product or service accuracy to increase the potential for success
  • Target audiences segmentation, characterization, research, and development of business and social value proposals based on the Gains & Pains Model. 
  • Stakeholder mapping and development of strategic partnerships, Based on the Holders Stake Social model
  • Economic planning and building a financial profit and loss model
  • Capital raising, support, and investment planning
  • Product launch strategies to market in the entrepreneurial stages- MVP, Pilot, GTM


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