What Great Minds Can Do for Your Business:

Today’s employees are looking to build careers that offer deeper meaning as part of their daily work.
Great Minds create a work environment that drives social impact and innovative business thinking, attracting top talent to organizations.
Solve the world’s biggest problems while forming new profit channels.
Advance your business, HR and social goals simultaneously.

How it works:

Together, we will harness employees’ skills and passion to create social impact models that promote your organization’s DNA and business goals.

Great minds bring in great results:

Enhance your company’s innovative thinking

Develop new products and initiatives

Create synergy between different divisions

Expand and increase your brand’s influence

Strengthening the employees’ loyalty

Creating cooperation with stakeholders and diversifying the CSR activity of the organization

Turn your employees into Purpose Driven.

In order to fulfill this, we lead a unique training process, while implementing social innovation in the following methodology:

First stage- Connecting the employees to the social influence of the organization
1. Characterizing the organization’s goals and making them more accurate while identifying and developing a social strategy in cooperation with experts from ‘Matan’ non-profit organization.
2. Mapping the social ranks and relevant stakeholders to the process, for example clients, providers, community, environment and more.
3. Identifying challenges and opportunities in markets and the relevant stakeholders for the social strategy.

Second stage- development of social-business ventures by the employees
1. Training participants amongst the organization’s employees and implementing social innovation through initiating a social -business process.
2. Developing management skills in a social orientation- lectures and workshops aimed at maturing the management team in the organization and acquiring social entrepreneurship tools to the employees.

Third stage- executing the ventures
1. Validation of the employee’s ideas, developing MVP or GTM products
2. Accompanying and executing the venture, while dealing with reality and post- launch challenges

Employees will get:
✓ 70 hours of activities- workshops, lectures, personal guidance and support
✓ 5 key lectures by leading figures in the social innovation field in Israel
✓ A digital set and online designated tools which were developed for the process
✓ A bank of supporting professionals according to the exact needs of the teams and ventures

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