Train the GreatMindz in your community to make a profitable social impact

Many government and local authorities are utilizing social innovation models to develop sustainable entrepreneurial solutions that solve the challenges and needs of those under their authority.

GreatMindz’s Social Innovation training program enables local authorities to define their own unique social needs: identify the social potential in their community: and harness individuals from their community to create social-oriented ventures to meet those ‘greater good’ needs. With our methodology, applied tools, and variety of leading professionals, we drive entrepreneurial processes and turn your social vision into fruition.  


Promote public wellbeing by utilizing innovative private-sector venture models
Discover innovative tools and techniques to enhance your problem-solving approach now and forever
Engage your community members and harness their ability to help themselves
Trained social-business-oriented agents of change that continue to contribute with impactful community initiatives.
Develop innovative and creative collaborations and thinking
Generate a sense of community and partnership between residents and public authority
Benefit from more effective use of local human and financial resources

How it works:

Our Purpose Developing Process leverages entities and individuals in your community to initiate, plan and execute social ventures, that in turn promote public wellbeing. Utilizing social innovation methodology and tools, we nurture participants to embrace a social innovative mindset so they can turn social vision into reality. 

Main methods, tools, and topics include:

Social economy and developing multiple profit line models (Socio-Economic Economy)

Identifying opportunities and developing ideas for ventures using tools from the fields of innovation: SIT, KASP,  and Design thinking

Measuring social impact and performance based on the Logical Impact Model

Planning and feasibility testing of entrepreneurship based on the Social Mission Canvas

Market analysis, exploration of alternatives, and product or service accuracy to increase the potential for success

Target audiences segmentation, characterization, research, and development of business and social value proposals based on the Gains & Pains Model.

Stakeholder mapping and development of strategic partnerships, Based on the Holders Stake Social model

Economic planning and building a financial profit and loss model

Capital raising, support, and investment planning

Product launch strategies to market in the entrepreneurial stages- MVP, Pilot, GTM

  • The process provided knowledge and practical experience at every stage from the development of the idea to the promotion and construction of a successful social business enterprise. Each workshop was simply magical and at the same time powerful and profound, in important professional areas such as developing ideas, sustainability, market research, models of social business, and more. I was amazed at Ofer's ability to bring about a change of consciousness, inspire all participants and make them work for society.
    Irina Maslovitz
    Coordinator at Rising Leadership for Promoting Leadership and Social Involvement. Rishon Lezion Municipality and the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.


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