The Purpose Generator - The Origins of Future Sustainable Social Innovations

As social venture business models are validated in the business world, they have trickled into the academic world as well. Younger generations of students seek opportunities to translate their academic knowledge into applicable practice that translates into self-fulfillment, social impact, and profit. 

GreatMindz helps academic institutions supply this demand with our unique Purpose Generator program and our “learning by doing” approach. 


For academic institution:

Differentiate your institution and increase your positive branding
Network with industry leaders
Acquire a deep understanding of various social innovation models
Nurture sustainable social ventures while fulfilling two profit lines at once – business and social
Provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the social impact arena
Strengthen student’s loyalty and motivation

For participating students:

A unique opportunity to adopt a social-entrepreneurial business mindset and skill set while creating a profitable social business venture.
Guided entry into the growing field of social-business innovation, led by experienced entrepreneurs.
Real experience in all relevant aspects of business success: planning, execution, and operational management.
Access to the most up-to-date knowledge and tools in the field of entrepreneurial project management
Future employment opportunities via continued project management of the venture or further development of additional projects

Main methods, tools, and topics include:

Social economy and developing multiple profit line models (Socio-Economic Economy)

Identifying opportunities and developing ideas for ventures using tools from the fields of innovation: SIT, KASP,  and Design thinking

Measuring social impact and performance based on the Logical Impact Model

Planning and feasibility testing of entrepreneurship based on the Social Mission Canvas

Market analysis, exploration of alternatives, and product or service accuracy to increase the potential for success

Target audiences segmentation, characterization, research, and development of business and social value proposals based on the Gains & Pains Model.

Stakeholder mapping and development of strategic partnerships, Based on the Holders Stake Social model

Economic planning and building a financial profit and loss model

Capital raising, support, and investment planning

Product launch strategies to market in the entrepreneurial stages- MVP, Pilot, GTM

  • Collaboration with GreatMindz is the kind of collaboration that every organization should strive for. We started small with mutual acquaintances which developed into trust and recognition of the professionalism and great openness that characterizes GreatMindz. Together we developed a model that is second to none in academic institutions, thanks to the fact that Ofer and Roni were not afraid to roll up their sleeves, learn to get to know the organization and its people, and change the model while on the move. For me, they are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and attentive partners who will constitute a significant strategic asset for organizations seeking to assimilate innovation both in their daily lives and in their corporate identity.
    Liat Weiss Shahaf
    Vice President of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College
  • The process with GreatMindz was an eye-opening and meaningful experience for me in a lot of ways. From in-depth learning to implementation of the entrepreneurship process, planning to execution, professionalism, familiarity with the field, personal accompaniment, and the desire to develop us as human beings while going through the process together. Beyond the professional areas, I think GreatMindz brought with them hope and innovation to my personal world and the entire social world.
    Shahar Shapiro
    Project Development, ‘My Part of the Puzzle’ Association Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College


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