Generating Purpose

by Social Innovation


We care deeply about the people around us and believe in making a difference in the world without compromising the pursuit of personal and financial goals.

We strive to create a better future for professionals, organizations, cities and society by blurring the boundaries between the private sector and the social sector.

We want more from life – and more for life.


Great Minds professionals learn to harness their skills and experience in new and unique ways to make a change in the world leave their mark on the world.

They have valuable expertise and capabilities enabling them to have an impact, bring purpose, vision and creativity, during their regular workday, without compromising their career or lifestyle.


The Great Minds model empowers professionals in diverse fields.
Our methodology is expressed in a series of professional seminars that enable us to pave a new path for you, so you can have a meaningful impact on the world while pursuing your professional ambitions.

Mor peleg, Government & Society - Political Communication
"I came with no experience at all and i went out with tools and insights to my future. I got to know amazing people and I was flooded with a lot of tools, knowledge and experience."
Benzion Sweed, Computer Science
"I wanted to get tools to be an entrepreneur, to develop my career and produce a real social impact. The program opened a path for me to a new reality that enables a business career, but also social and material one."

Which Great Minds We are Working With


Introducing companies to Great Minds who understand their business model and can develop new social channels to support their goals.

Public institutions

Our shared-value approach connects Great Minds with authorities looking to narrow social gaps and improve public wellbeing.


Helping top students make their first steps in the social impact arena, develop innovative models, conduct in-depth research and gain hands-on experience.


Providing a business-oriented point of view to social organizations that are interested in boosting their influence and diversifying their income.

Our team

Ronny Faivelovitz


Ronny is the cofounder of Great Minds and FUTURE, a Venture Builder that invests in entrepreneurs aged 45+ who have a rich background in leading companies and who channel their knowledge and experience to develop companies that deal with urgent market needs.

For more than a decade, through implementation of the “Purpose Generator” program, Ronny has helped social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and businesses establish sustainable social, environmental and financial goals. Prior to this, Ronny established Impact Investing Israel, an organisation dedicated to developing the impact investment sector and offering opportunities for investors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the field and/or strengthen their engagement.

Ofer Flynn


Ofer is the cofounder of Great Minds, and a senior global lecturer in the field of result-driven social innovation and social business development. Ofer’s tailored lectures and workshops are based on his extensive professional journey, and give clients valuable experience across the social-business entrepreneurship world.

For more than a decade, through the implementation of the “Purpose Generator” program, Ofer has helped social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and businesses establish sustainable social, environmental and financial goals (AKA “the great win-win”) through creative leadership, strategic partnerships, comprehensive organizational development processes, and innovative tools and solutions.


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